HTML 101 – Hello World Level #1

This is my first leg at learning html as I undertake the Mozilla p2p challenge:

<!DOCTYPE html>
          <title>Hello World Mozilla!</title>
          <h1>Welcome to Simple Developer Blog!</h1>
          <p>Thank you for visiting my blog! I created this blog
          so I could follow along with my P2P programming challenge
          over at Mozilla Developer network. Remember you can easily
          join the community as well and start coding with us!</p>

          <p>Thanks again and hope to see you again! Remember this is
          the first html markup that I have written on this blog - I
          have used html before, including the advanced html5 itself.

          Let us get moving, shall we?</p>

The outcome of viewing the above markup on a browser is shown below:

vieweed on browserThat should do it for now and next time I will be doing something bigger and better!

The photo below this line shows a handwritten html code as required by the challenge!


It is as simple as that!


6 thoughts on “HTML 101 – Hello World Level #1

    1. I am so glad you did. Thank you so much for visiting or stopping by! Please if you have a blog, leave me a link to it so that I can also check it out and see your progress or interests! See you around!

  1. Awesome entry you got here. You really broke it down accompanied with screenshots. I have to admit that as a long-time web designer I actually had difficulty writing HTML code by hand, not to mention the new DOCTYPE tag that’s being used by this challenge (HTML5 — I’m an old school girl who’s still stuck with the soon-to-be (?) deprecated xHTML).

    Hope you can visit my blog also – 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you liked it. I am venturing into this field because it is awesome. We could connect and learn from each other! I like meeting new people, learning new ideas and making the best out of what I have.

      See you around!

  2. I’ve returned. After a long journey exploring the CyberSpace Universe I have returned. Household repairs, maintenance, casual yard work to perfection, and much a do about living to be a good man and some day having a family of my own.

    Thank you for your comment’s.

    I have begun to review all I began while my adventure’s allowed me the freedom to explore. Testing the CyberSpace Universe has allowed me to get familiar with how big the Internet is and how small and childlike I felt as I did.

    Adri I have ventured to your various sites. I am delighted to see your webpage, I visited your facebook, twitter, etc. too. The webpage looks very good.
    I like the timer you set up and the symmetrical structure of your page designs with the clock.

    joylaxpower After skimming over your post, glancing at your book offer, I realized, If this was required schoolwork you’d be so far ahead of me now I could never catch up. LOL

    To both of you, I hope some idea’s emerge from observing you two after I get some more time to read from your blog’s and website etc.. So far I have skimmed over both of your writings and stuff. The amount of information you two have written will keep my mind working all through til tomorrow morning. Next I will scan to see what gets my attention. Then, as my teacher taught me, I will read what appears to be academic and starts me thinking as if you were writing to me so we could have a dialog. :- )

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