Text Editors – P2PU Challenge Level #2

There are several choices available to you when it comes to choosing an editor for your daily web development works. At first the task of searching and settling on one option can be daunting but you can always ask friends for ideas.

For me, I have chosen to go with Aptana Studio 3 for some obvious reasons.


First of all, this is the point where you leave your “There is no free lunch” mentality and be thankful for this great software provided to you for FREE by those who have chosen to do so. You can still choose to support the product in one way or another but you do not need to pay a dime to start rolling out great web applications.

The second reason I chose Aptana Studio 3 was how integrated it is. You can do pretty much everything with it. You can write python code, html. css, javascript just to name a few of them. Just try it and you will love it – at least I did.

The third reason for loving this editor is the dark background color! I mean, who doesn’t love that? It makes me feel like a pro – although that might come out a little vain especially if you are not one! Either way, this is my IDE of choice and I will keep utilizing it for my projects. Highly recommended

Below is a small snapshot of the same in action:


I will not dictate the kind of editor you should use. So, to be fair, I will list a few other editors that I can remember and that might help you decide on what you want to use.

  • Notepad++
  • WebMatrix
  • VIM
  • Visual Studio
  • Others

Thank you for visiting and I hope this post either helped you decide on which editor you want or gave you the necessary information that will guide you as you look for one!

You can download Aptana Studio 3 by visiting Aptana Studio

Good luck and remember to subscribe!


2 thoughts on “Text Editors – P2PU Challenge Level #2

    1. Exactly. I just find the dark background so cool! It is like one of those things you just can’t explain why. Thanks for stopping by Sean and I hope to see you around and we can learn from each other!

      Thanks and take care!

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