Final Blast Off – Houston All Clear: level #6

I am finally at the end of this wonderful challenge! There is a lot I could say about it as far as experience is concerned but instead, I will show you in images – after all, they speak louder than words, right? Let us first say I had a blast(no pun intended) doing this!

In the beginning was a challenge and that challenge reminded me to use my own hands hence ending up with this:


After that pen and paper adventure, I realized that I had to go further! So I said, let there be a text editor(save some trees) and browser. A baby was born – in a form of a simple web page!


You know what happens to kids when they start running? You let them do it because that is how they learn to grow! This happened when I brought in the browser! [How do you really look like to the world?]browserview

Once more, kids grow up and you end up kicking them out of the house because they have to face life on their own. But to be a good parent, you help them find a place they can call home! So, I went on a mission, cosigned for my young son a rental property and now am free from all the chaos that kids come with when they are born. Finally, this is what he is doing – showing off!


Wow! What an amazing adventure! After several hours of dedicated work, I finally completed this journey – but this obviously is just the beginning!

Roger: I just received an update – my new website/young boy just informed me that he has upgraded from just a plain text page to an interactive website. He said you can actually use Google Maps API to locate your current position relative to his headquarters! I knew it, kids grow up so fast!

Final Note: While completing my challenge, I ended up using Cyberduck File Transfer Protocol(FTP) client and I found it to be so much fun. I have enjoyed this learning experience so much that I wouldn’t mind doing it again next time. I am not sure where the next challenge will lead me but am sure it will be even more exciting!

If you have any questions(like how to include a map on your pages), please drop them in the comment section so we can connect. Also, remember to leave a link to your blog so I can check it out! This is definitely not the end of the road, there is more and more to come! So, stay tuned.

You can take a brief tour of “his” new home by following this URL:

Simple Developer New Town House

Watch out, you might actually love it!


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