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The Big Questions That I ask Myself

Hello! I have decided to step a side today and post something outside programming. I have always fought the urges to act robotic by reminding myself that after all is said and done, I am indeed, a human being who has questions. I laugh really hard when tickled. I cry when hurt. I bleed when pricked. Most often, my questions never get answered.


Today some people are celebrating Easter – and so “Happy Easter”. I say ‘some’ because there are those who don’t do it.

One of the biggest questions I have started asking myself is “what really happen to us when we die” and immediately after that question comes? “where do we really come from?”. Believe it or not, every time I hear people talk about the absence of a higher power, I don’t give them a dead ear – instead, I listen to what they have to say and then ask them “but how did everything happen to be?” I know some Physics and I obviously won’t start an endless discussion here on how there had to be a force that started the process of life.

What if we were not named “human beings?” I don’t really know. You might say that I could use some serious scientific reading and whatnot and I agree. However, every day I step outside my house and look around me, I see things that I can’t even explain. I see trees and rocks. I hear birds of prey singing. I am not blind to the fact that there is more to life than just what I can and cannot see.

Consider a rich guy who has worked so hard to be where he is today. The fact is that he has a right to drive the most expensive car as he pleases. He can live the best lifestyle(best here means he can buy whatever he wants). You can also look across the oceans or anywhere around the world and see poor children dying of hunger. The question is: can you really say the rich guy should take some of his money and help those poor kids? It would be a humane gesture but quite complicated. The reason is simple: you can argue for and against it. Most obviously he has a right to say no.

The other aspect of life is that perhaps if we worked a little harder, just an extra mile, we might feel satisfied with our lives. Make some extra dollars, live in a bigger house, make the best friends and have a perfect family. Most of us believe that we have to do all that in order to be happy. I don’t know about you but I would like to have a nice house and a car. Do I sound greedy? Perhaps but am not. Aren’t we advised to work really hard and earn stuff? What about those who have worked hard and yet they still cannot see success? Is it their fault? Are they lazy? Or maybe they don’t know how to define success!

I believe that most of us have focused so much on making a living, forgetting to make a life. Maybe we could have a fresh start by asking ourselves what we really want and need. We might be looking too far away instead of looking closer. Inside. The day we start to understand what we can do with what we already have, we will be happier than ever. It is not about having a lot of friends. It is about appreciating what I already have. Showing them that I care. Being human. It is not really hard. Start small.

I am going to stop here. Thank you for reading. I hope you have a good day. See you soon and you are welcome to leave a comment below this post. Always remember that it is not much to do with where we have come from, rather, it is where we are headed in this life. Stay safe and strong.